Saturday, May 8, 2010

You Tube Selections: Marcel Duchamp

There has been several moments where friends, or even strangers for that matter, call me out on how odd I' am due to my liking for art/history. Many can understand and work with the idea of visiting a museum, looking at art, but only a swell event that occurs once in a while. I mean what kind of folk will you be if you deny art? It's the equivalent of not liking music. Art, as music is inevitable and a liking is always grown. It gets out of hand sometimes, friends take fancy on my odd personality. Playful a la jeopardy games are always common. There's the shouting of artists names, and I do it best.

"Arely, you're like a volcano" - Miguel Olivares

I'm shy, quiet, private, but when there's a subject I incline to the most I explode, and there's no one to stop me. Vocals are no longer monotone, but they have paired to the sounds of loud music. Perhaps, an alarming trumpet... You decide.

The same events took place in the privacy of my own four walls this Saturday afternoon. However, this time in the company of my sister. She calls me out, "you're so strange, and BORING!" she yells. It's not enough to make me stop watching a youtube upload of Marcel Duchamp.

Yes, You'll find me with the older crowd

At the peak of the January art fair agenda in Los Angeles, I was lucky enough to be able to attend Art Los Angeles Contemporary not to be confused with Stephen Cohen's Art LA. ACLA in it's first year did great for visitors embracing the contemporary art scene in Los Angeles. Out of it's tiny in scale art fair, there was huge panels presented. One of those panels consisted of FERUS Gallery speakers, either through the academia, the actual gallery itself, or friends.. People that helped the L.A art scene flourish.

With a mindset of a young city, constructing what was to map Los Angeles as a major art world destination. The Pasadena Museum of Art, now The Norton Simon was the first art museum to have the first Marcel Duchamp retrospective. The museum was run by young people, the same young people that were running Ferus Gallery. It was not all fun and games after all. FERUS was also the first Los Angeles based Gallery to bring Andy Warhol to the west coast. Many FERUS artists are now in collections at LACMA, MOCA, and others. It's art history that which keeps me going.

And today, while browsing youtube I came upon Marcel Duchamp's "A Game of Chess" documentary; Rare, raw goodness!!

Yes, call me a weirdo, but this made my day.

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