Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Los Angeles Art Association GEM Fundraiser

“ Tomorrow’s going to be a good day, I can feel it” .. Written via Twitter. To my surprise the next day, I won “VIP” entrance to an art event the upcoming weekend. Thanks to ForYourArt for the free entrance, that was advertised through Twitter… All week I had been looking forward to Saturday, the day of the event. Not knowing what to expect. I had no idea if it was going to be posh, posh, or a community based event. To my surprise it was a mix of the two.

The Los Angeles Art Association opened it’s doors in 1925. Building a broad art community for Los Angeles, embracing modernism in a world where the institution was still the nucleus of what fell into the category of art. Institutions are now taking new roles. Collectives are the new trend, diminishing the institution. Oh, yeah the GEM party/fundraiser!!

The Los Angeles Art Association honored it's 85th year anniversary with a fundraiser at Gallery 825, LAAA's main working grounds. The Los Angeles Art Association annual GEM social marks the beginning of 825's Spring art cycle in Los Angeles. And no other April Los Angeles afternoon was more ideal than on April 24th.

Gallery 825
Gallery 825: Los Angeles Art Association's main grounds

85th Birthday: No other way to celebrate, but with delightful red velvet cupcakes

Mediums ranged from photography to sculpture. Sadly, no video nor film. The fundraiser promotes affordable prices for a good cause, only on this night. However, prices ranged from $100 prints to $10, 000 which in the art world market, they are considered affordable priced works. The city of West Hollywood was fully embracing it’s art community and it’s social status. I met a charming man who introduced me to Louis Stern from Louis Stern Fine Arts. Stern and I shook hands and exchanged friendly smiles.

The Herd: Let's Talk Art?

Many came and went, others chatted. While outside the rest were photographed for the fancy of the press, documentation. Art was actually sold, a hot topic in Los Angeles indeed. Interestingly, many bought small scaled works, I’m guessing prints, but some were brave or had the cash to spend on ideal eye candy.I was not able to buy any works, but the future seems promising. I mean, if a librarian and post office worker did it back in the sixties so can I. Art is for everyone, and anyone interested.

Art World Market: A Happy buyer, with an adorable smile

GEM was the perfect way to start my Saturday night...

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