Saturday, December 25, 2010

Haaaappy X Mas

Martin Kersels at The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Art InThe Post Digial Age: BYOB LA at USC Roski School of Fine Arts

The current shifts of Art History are visible yet untraceable in a sense. Technology's importance in the context of art is not new, but the impact of the inter-web, internet, social network, and every other name communication traveling at the speed of light goes by these days... is one that has been given attention, but it's complex system

Yes, artists use the internet as a medium. Take for instance the fact of artists using Twitter as a medium of ranging a wider audience, but most significantly as a new source open for dialogue.

However, Bring Your Own Beamer promotes artists through beamers (projectors!) for one night only. The on going series has taken place in Portland, New York, Berlin, as well as other locations and going strong.

The work presented in a series as BYOB deserves further discussion, but as stated, the connection of artist--> social media ---> interaction ---> physicality ---> public/spectator realm is hard to trace.

For now, one night shows of random spontaneity and artistic communion sounds about right...

It was hard to try and identify each individual artist, as projections took hostage of The Roski School gallery walls and ceilings. However, I did recognize some works. If you find your work below, please send me a quick email so, I can add your name.


Fernando Sanchez
Frenando Sanchez


make faces



thumb down


morrisa maltz





Eugene Klotyarenko

Pascual Sisto (?)

Pascual Sisto