Saturday, May 29, 2010

Leandro Erlich: The Lost Garden

Long Beach has more than the old Queen Mary. Yes, it’s true. It’s my lack of non accessible transportation, but soon I’ll venture to further places. After all, I’ am known for my curiosity. I’m just a curious, curious girl. However, it was not my first time at MOLAA. I had visited the museum before in numerous occasions.

Argentinean artist Leandro Erlich is the first to celebrate The Projects series at The Museum of Latin American Art. La Sala de Proyectos thrives to introduce the most contemporary and inventive artists of Latin America. It’s quite hard to believe that it’s Erlich first west coast appearance. If I’m wrong, please correct me.

Some folk are either born ahead of their time or in the wrong decade. That is the case with Erlich.

Architecture is necessary when speaking of Erlich work,but illusion is the artists main goal. The arrangement of mirrors give the viewer the chance of some sort of self evaluation-- a psychoanalysis. In other works such as Le Cabinet Du Psy where Erlich explores just that, by optical illusions that seat the viewer in a quotidian space. The viewer soon becomes one with the artwork . Whether it reaches self evaluation or not , one sure leaves with that illusion.

The Lost Garden
Jardin Perdido(The Lost Garden): El Infinito a la Jorge Luis Borges

Jardin Perdido ( The Lost Garden) is Erlich latest known work, completed in 2009. The Lost Garden seems infinite in space, and invites the viewer for that same experience. Don’t believe everything you're told, but who forgot: don’t believe all of which you see?! The human vision is merely meek next to Erlich The Lost Garden. Synthetic foliage takes the inside space hostage while the viewer figures out the algorithm.

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