Thursday, May 27, 2010

AT1 Projects: VOLUME

Sometimes enjoying art shows without any source of photographic documentation serves the body good. That was the case this past Friday night, I was not in the mood of documenting my surroundings, but rather for the sole enjoyment of my own pleasure. Not to mention that my health was not one hundred percent that night, but loyalty prevailed. Expectations are always vague, but I was in for a treat this Friday night without being aware-- just my kind of surprise.

After long traveling around the Atwater Village neighborhood we finally came across Casitas Avenue. Be warned that it’s a labyrinth of direction, but you might already know the area, if not be prepared for play. Play that will only bring more play once you arrive at AT1 Projects.

The space is truly grandiose in scale and VOLUME surely takes hostage of the vast space. In collaboration with the project New York’s very own Super/Prime Collective curates a show in the name of pop up spaces- now that’s not to be missed. If you’re in Los Angeles I urge you not to miss this show, given that like many pop up spaces it’s short time span will come to an end, in this case only two weeks ( May 21- June 2).

VOLUME is an experimental and expansive exhibition featuring a wide spectrum of LA and NY-based contemporary artists of diverse media — painting, sculpture, site-specific and multi-media installation, performance, sound art, and video — whose collective bios boast prestigious bi-coastal, national and international exhibitions, including at the Whitney Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art Los Angeles, the New Museum New York, Performa, Deitch Projects, and documenta.

The picture below is the only piece of documentation I worried to document that night. Visit AT1 Projects this Saturday evening to find out why. A sort of scavenger hunt, I suppose. I prefer play!!

performance residue
Performance Residue: Play!

This Weekend:

Saturday, May 29, 9 — 11 PM: Music and performance by Party People (w Keith Rocka Knittel) and Carl Pomposelli

Wednesday — Friday, 2 — 8 PM
Saturday — Sunday, 12 — 6 PM, and by appointment
3229 Casitas Avenue
Los Angeles CA 90039

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