Thursday, August 26, 2010

Art Autre at Actual Size Gallery: Katie Herzog

Abstract painting and art history go way back....

The fruition of a concept has many branches and we see visible signs of those branches in abstract art-- Abstract Expressionism was one of the more popular forms of the movement, and not to mention one of the first actual embraced schools in American art.

However... a rendition of that was the french art Autre, or Informel. Autre literally meaning other, as many tried to differentiate a new style of painting that was unknown at the time, but would become incredibly popular to the post war era.

Katie Herzog's current show at Actual Size Gallery takes shape around the ideas of the french abstract school -- Informel. Herzog presents five works mainly in the painterly style. I can't begin to describe how happy it makes me to come across painted canvas.

Herzog tints my memory with pattern shifts of Rauschenberg , Pollock, and even a tint of Louise Bourgeois' drawings.

Informel View!

We can't ignore Herzog's linkage to the process of processing information--

"Herzog employed a premeditated structure to create the highly improvisatory and gestural painting, "Braille Institute: Sight Center". For this painting Herzog visited the Braille Institute on Vermont and Melrose for an hour every day for five weeks. After studying the facade of the building from across the street she traveled directly to her studio, closed her eyes, and painted her memory of the building using her hands."
- Actual Size Gallery

This Saturday Join Katie Herzog and the Actual Size family for the uniquely opportunity to submerge, dwell, and explore the subject of animal assisted literary programs at
Une Alphabétisation Autre. Which pokes at the origins of the coined art term-- Informel, with it's origin of art Autre. In this case the informel (informal) use of language and it's different mediums.

"Katie Herzog and Actual Size Los Angeles are pleased to announce Une Alphabétisation Autre, a special day event organized in conjunction with the closing of Katie Herzog’s exhibition, Informel. Animal assisted literacy programs have become increasingly popular in libraries and learning centers throughout the country. These innovative programs provide canine mentorship to foster improvement in confidence and literary skills of school aged children. On Saturday, August 28th, children and adults are invited inside the gallery to read to Eli and Ivy, two trained therapy dogs. Light snacks will be provided.
" - Actual Size Gallery

read to dogs

New work by Katie Herzog
August 7 - August 28, 2010


Hours: Sat- Sun 12:00- 5:00 pm
Mon-Fri by appointment.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mexico's Elite Brigade The Art World : Yyvone Venegas at Shoshana Wayne Gallery

We tend to stay away from that which we fear, or is unknown to us. That was the case with Bergamot Station... My relationship with Bergamot was, and still isn’t quite on level. Probably, I always visit when the season is bad?! Probably…

However, I can’t darkened all of my thoughts of Bergamot-- The Santa Monica Museum of Art deserves some credit. I will admit that I have found myself two times at Bergamot this Summer. On my first visit, I attended Irvin Blum’s story telling whims, and the second time, I was there with a plan: to find that which moved me. In the mix of the usual eager dealer, and amidst the Dennis Hopper trend -- It can make my life sour. I found a gem, not a unique find, but quite interesting.

Yyvone Venegas born in Long Beach, California in 1970, and raised in Tijuana, Mexico. Apparently twin sister of the famous music artist Julieta Venegas. After my understanding of her twin sister, I will admit my liking of her died a bit, but I contemplated in the exploration of her more, and more, until it finally felt right…

Yyvone Venegas at first sight
At First Sight: Yyvone Venegas at Shoshana Wayne Gallery

Mainly falling under the category of documentatary photography, Venegas explores Mexico’s social status through the then former mayor of Tijuana, Jorge Hank Rohn, with permission of his wife, Maria Elvia del Hank.

Venegas has the eye to produce such photographs in the verge of the bizarre, and the melancholy. Her approach to minimalist titles help her complete a real effect-- the bizarre notion of social status in Mexico.

In “Velas”, 2008 (Candles, 2008), Venegas shows us her side of the absurd, but witty commentary-- a sort of humorous shot at the high society of Mexico.

The documentation of adult figures in Venegas' photographs give name to vanity, but what really caught my eye was the photographs of the children, with an environment ever so fast paced to meet the needs of the other family in the hierarchy of social status...

Jorgito, 2008: Serving right...

nirvana, 2006
Nirvana, 2006: Finally reached

Bolsa (Bag), 2009: In the air

"Maria Elvia does not believe that a picture of her would give me access to the art market, who would be interested in having a picture of her hanging on their wall?!" - Yyvone Venegas

I say she fits right in...

Yyvone Venegas
June 5 - August 28, 2010

Shoshana Wayne Gallery
2525 Michigan Avenue
Santa Monica, CA 90404-4031
(310) 453-7535 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting (310) 453-7535 end_of_the_skype_highlighting

Tue-Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 11am-5:30pm

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Performance Art in Chinatown: Perform Now Festival- July 21 - August 1, 2010

Perform! Now!

Los Angeles plays as background to countless summer festivals, from music to the ever so popular food festivals, but art related events are also spur to this mix of summer festivities-- Chinatown's art district did not fall behind. Perform! Now! in it's second year promised a longer and steadier duration of last years show, for better or worse.

Crowds came and went, many hung around to follow the crowd from one performance to the other. Detailed schedules were printed and distributed, but many preferred the road of instinct.

Highland Park based non profit Outpost for Contemporary Art offered one of the most intriguing performances of the festival with the contribution of artist Vlatka Horvat who performed her eight hour performance titled, This Here and That There. Horvat was set to perform earlier this year, but was moved due to water levels of the LA river, as I recall. Yes, the Los Angeles River, or flow of water was the main setting of Horvat's performance. Commentary to time, space, and movement, in connection to Los Angeles and it's inhabitants was the artists main exploration.

For Pictures of Vlatka Horvat's Performance: Click Here

Micol Hebron performed several pieces at JANCAR Gallery as she ends her trails in the city of Los Angeles. Hanna Wilke's S.O.S. was one of the highlights, but her performance Essence stimulated an endless conversation on feminism, gay liberation, and overall pussy power.

I really enjoyed Emily Mast's performance as she soaked all of my energy. I guess that goes to the power of connection, or sharing a smile with another, or the beginning of establishing a relationship.

Eric Wesley knows good jokes, as he did an impromptu set right before Gustavo Herrera took over to close Saturday night's performances.

Oh, and how can I forget Nancy Pop, where she literally interconnects Chinatown structures, uniting all in the harmony of a really, really, long strand of bright colored string. I was in Chinatown this past weekend, like any other weekend, and Pop's brightly colored unison is still going strong. Wish I had pictures...

There's a connection with all of the performances, but admitting to feeling a sense of stress may perhaps give some liberation. What I'm trying to say is that, I missed a lot of performances, and dwelled on why Skip Arnold made a fuss and decided to screen his videos rather than to perform-- I was really looking forward to his performance. So, I have strayed and have debated if I should even post pictures since my responsibility of seeing all of the performances was not met.. Therefore, I feel short to a greater view that I do not have. I attended Saturday and Sunday, but even then missed many performances. Nonetheless, my fingers are too itchy, and I feel the need to share some photos with you.


micol hebron- intellectual labor
Micol Hebron- Intellectual Labor at JANCAR Gallery

Micol Hebron - Essence at JANCAR Gallery

Emily Mast at Human Resources Gallery


Dorit Cypis at Dan Graham Gallery

Megan Daalder - The Closet at the Trifecta

Morrisa Maltz

Morrisa Maltz

Steve Roden performs a set of experimental sound

Skip Arnold: on video, and on the phone!

Mariel Carranza

Jason Wallace Triefenbach at Human Resources

Jason Wallace Triefenbach at Human Resources

Eric Wesley- " three vampires walk into a bar... "

Gustavo Herrera - The Birth of Satan pt. 1 at Human Resources Gallery

La Fundacion Wanna Winni

La Fundacion Wanna Winni



See You Next Year!