Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In Conversation w/ Dan Graham, A Survey of Pavilions Documented

Lately there's been a buzz surrounding Dan Graham-- anything to do with the artist. A buzz that's perhaps only apparent with myself and my dear friend Mooky, then again it's an art nerd inclination. What I'm trying to say, is that lately my tired discussions have led Graham's artist persona to strangely appear constantly in my life-- in a cosmical level. Or I'm just deeply infatuated with Graham that I have led to believe just that. You know when you have a huge crush, and this person's name appears everywhere, but it has always been there, you just haven't noticed? ... Well, I stand to differ in this case, solely because my art world news is always kept up to date--I'm a genuine art nerd.

At the beginning of a new decade, guess who performs one of his most famous performances? Dan Graham, of course... In part of a one night performance set Graham performed his infamous Relax- Lax (1969), for an audience that appreciated his presence and participation. Not to mention his influence in about every artist after the most romanticized period in the history of art, in the United States -- The Sixties.

Overduin and Kite: Joint Dialogue Opening.. Oh man that toddler is playing it cool next to Dan Graham!!!

Towards the end of January, Graham was apart of an exhibition show over at Overduin and Kite, just off Sunset. In the heart of Hollywood, who would have thought that Dan Graham would be mixed with such a crowd. Then again, it's Los Angeles, anything goes. Never loosing it's raw ingredient, just that ingredient that allows anything to go, every scene to flourish in our city.

Instantly when I found out about the opening of the DAN GRAHAM Gallery in Chinatown, I couldn't miss it.

Dan Graham GalleryDan Graham Gallery

These events are always a love/ hate situation for many, but not myself. Sometimes, I wonder if I would ever get tired, If I will ever grow bored?

Nonetheless, I was here.. Wish you would have been there too.

At some point I came to believe that Graham had opened his own gallery. Oh how pretentious of him to go ahead and name it after himself-- It's a brand after all?

I did my research, and contacted Aaron Wrinkle. It turns out that it's not owned by Graham, but Graham himself contributed to the gallery's current exhibition. So get a hold of them and go see for yourself.

hi arely,

dan graham is an artwork presented as a gallery. it specifically functions as a research site framed within the context of dan graham and with artists who show work in the space. so... shows do surround dan graham or vise versa. the artist is aware of the project as we collaborated on the current show of research and documentation on his pavilions. he doesn't own the space and or contribute financially.
thanks you for your interest,
aaron wrinkle

In the eighties Graham made a name for himself through architecture, or his best known works-- his pavilions.

Dan Graham Gallery has surveyed the artists work, serving as a type of documentation for it's current show: In Conversation w/ Dan Graham, A Survey of Pavilions Documented

I don't know if I would ever grow tire of art shows, or the history of theory as a whole, but I will remain in the boat until it sinks.


May 1 – May 25th, 2010

506 Bernard St.
Los Angeles, CA 90012
By Appointment Only


  1. yes. dan graham is omnipotent-- thebeardedbudgie


  3. Dan Graham is a neurotic old fuck. and that gallery is shit.