Friday, April 30, 2010

What Not To Miss This Weekend!

It's been a stressful week... Mostly because we build facades, and fail to understand our gifts. Don't forget how wonderful you are. Just look around, everyone is showing you love. Art museums are great places to meditate, and whenever I'm feeling the blues you're most likely to find me at one. Rothko and his immense works always do the job, they're just truly transcendental.


Two new galleries are calling Chinatown home. One of them is Human Resources and they're celebrating their opening with an awesome event tomorrow night. Just in time for May Day. My Barbarian Collective, Los Angeles based artists will perform. Now, that really is a treat. I saw these guys at MOCA, and they really impressed me. Dawn Kasper is one of my favorite performance artists, I can go as far as saying that Kasper is my favorite performance artist!!!.

See you there!

My Barbarian Collective: The Fourth Wall Performance

Press Release:

New Chinatown Gallery Launches with May Day Event
Celebrating the Performative Arts

Los Angeles, California, April 17, 2010 - On May 1, 2010, Human Resources opens its doors to the world with its inaugural May Day event. Located in the vibrant arts district of Chinatown, Los Angeles, Human Resources was founded by a collective of creative individuals who collaborate to curate exhibits focused on the experimental performative arts. To this end, Human Resources’ May Day event will showcase performances from musical artists, Mad Gregs and Wounded Lion; performance collective My Barbarian; performance artists, Lucy Indiana Dodd, Corey Fogel and Dawn Kasper; and video presentations from Sharon Hayes and W.A.G.E. (Working Artists and the Greater Economy). Drawing upon the celebratory and labor-oriented cultural themes of May Day, Human Resources’ May Day event promotes a festive atmosphere with a labor rights consciousness. The event will begin with video presentations at 7pm. The live music and performance art program begins at 9pm. Admission is free.

Human Resources
510 Bernard Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
7 PM - 12 AM

Dawn Kasper

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I've Been Called A Tease!

So, I promised to post why my "philosophy" has been turned around by tonight, but I'm not yet, satisfied with my words... Tomorrow!!

Nonetheless, artist Gronk will begin his mural at UCLA's Fowler Museum tomorrow. Free entrance so, no need to worry for those like me who are low on cash. And if you can't swing by tomorrow during open hours, stop by before Friday. Don't miss this, you can thank me later.

ASCO: A 1970's collective.. Gronk pictured at left.

Stages Part II

Oh how humorous ...

When my art passion merges into my personal life. Turning points in life's philosophy. Recreating life's puzzle, each and every day.. It's not another: "Is it Art?" debate, but perhaps deeper than that.... It's the equivalent of being glued to the telephone. Waiting for that boy you like to finally call you, once and for all.

Mr. Bradford I hope to visit your studio in the near future...

"languages collapse" - Bradford


This past Saturday I was lucky enough to manage free entrance to Los Angeles Art Association's "GEM" Spring event/fundraiser. It sure was one of those moments in life where your philosophy of life is turned upside down, but more to come later on tonight.

Also, don't miss Kathryn Brennan's LAst Show at Cottage Home. Before their relocation to New York's Lower East Side.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Arty a L.A. Mode's Inbox

What Not To Miss This Weekend!!!

all taken from my inbox:

From Inbox
[taken from Inbox, not my own picture.]

Kathryn Brennan Gallery @ Cottage Home Presents:
The LAst Show
April 24 - May 22, 2010

Opening Reception Saturday April 24, 6 to 9 PM

Kathryn Brennan Gallery is pleased to present our final exhibition in Los Angeles, a group show of gallery artists at Cottage Home. Since opening in Chinatown in January 2004, the Gallery has had the opportunity to stage dozens of exhibitions and work with an amazing collection of artists. For our final exhibition in Los Angeles, the Gallery will be presenting a selection of works by each of our represented artists. Kathryn Brennan and Gallery Director James Griffin will be partnering and relocating to New York City, re-opening on the Lower East Side in September.

Thanks to everyone for their continued support of the Gallery and to all of the artists that we have had and will continue to have the great pleasure of working with.

Please check the website for a series of video screenings and performances that will take place during the course of the exhibition.

955 Chung King Road
Los Angeles, CA 90012

410 Cottage Home Road
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Don't miss this, and please, mark my words!

Mixed feelings arouse when earlier this month I found out that Kathryn Brennan (SISTER) Gallery was closing it's doors, and beginning a new chapter in New York City. Just another reason for New York City to tease me. I used to intern at this gallery, and Kathryn along with James were always the kindest folk. Very cool people as well!!

I'm not sure on why they're moving nor will i voice my opinion. Solely, because when certain situations alike this pop out, I have promised to stop making assumptions. However, I hope the best for Kathryn, James, and it's artists. Including my favorites who I will miss seeing works around town: Jeni Spota, and Michelle O' Marah!

May their New York chapter bring them peace, and all types of abundance.

Kathryn Brennan Gallery will sure be missed!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Five Thirty Three: Absolutely Not Recent Works By Pascual Sisto

Two weekends ago, on a Saturday night (April 10, 2010, to be exact) I found myself at FIVE THIRTY THREE. A gallery run by artists. I was warmly reminded of the true cause of art: art should be open for everyone, and anyone interested. I say this because I know of many friends that tend to stay away from galleries, museums, lectures. Solely because they believe they don't belong. I disagree. And through this blog, I try to find a way to vent those feelings for those that feel the same. Art is about provoking feeling, emotion, and we all have the power to feel. After all you only need your visual aid. The analyzing part of art comes freely and you don't have to feel intimidated. So, please use your optical gift. Something as beautiful as morning breeze.

Just fresh from spring break, and I was already living it up-- arty a la mode of course. Earlier on the day I had attended a panel with artist Mark Bradford at REDCAT. I’m still fascinated with Bradford’s art theory, and the influence art historians have had on his work. Bradford influencing and being influenced. Oh, and the artist himself invited me to his studio!!!!! Stay tune for a later Bradford studio visit (crosses fingers).


FIVE THIRTY THREE is located in a mixed-use loft in the Fashion District of Downtown Los Angeles. During the day the gallery witnesses the bustle of busy streets overflowing with people. At night, the neighborhood is transformed into the most desolate of urban spaces. It is the goal of Five Thirty Three to reflect this eclecticism through its art program. The space is directed collaboratively in order to continually rethink modes of exhibition, and outside artists are invited to collaborate with the gallery in producing new and vital shows. By showing primarily group exhibitions that incorporate an interdisciplinary approach, Five Thirty Three hopes to create an open dialogue and community catalyzed by art, music, and design.

As explained in the mission statement FIVE THIRTY THREE is located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. It’s a rather unique setting. Be sure to have their number or else you won’t be able to enter the building. Not to worry, a contact number is always taped to the front door.

Pascual Sisto exhibited works inspired by the French revolts of May 1968. The urban political landscape that has inspired Sisto alike other artists, and our social culture in general. With current UC strikes I saw a correlation in Sisto’s work. The wit of the exhibition title : Absolutely Not Recent Works By Pacual Sisto gives for intellectual smirks. Not given information of the artist direction in his new works, one can easily determine that they’re literally not recent works. Rhetorically they are literally not recent works. There’s the wit, the smirk!!

The nostalgia of borrowing ideas from the past can have that effect. However, it’s interesting and always important to find historical parallels. Almost all of the works are neon text pieces with the exception of video, photography, and a performance during the opening reception. In this particular show the neon texts are more significant. They play with nostalgia, along with it’s consequences. Apart from the French graffiti of 1968, Sisto creates his own neon texts. Balancing out the ephemeral qualities of nostalgia.

Translation: Never Work

Opening reception was followed by a one day performance. The lovely Mooky was my guest that night, we were both highly anticipating the performance. Worried of being late due to nourishing the body at Banquette, a cafe downtown reminiscent of a French cafe. To our surprise we had not missed the peak hour in time.

The Lovely Mooky!: Multiple uses in creativity

Adding to the list of my fancy for long titles in the art world, I was in for a treat this night.

A title like: "Difference and Repetition Meets The Society Of The Spectacle Meets Simulacra And Simulation Meets The Coming Insurrection" is sure to win me over any day.

Spectators gathered around for a confetti performance, it took four books to complete this confetti. And I'm sure Allan Kaprow if present, would have been jealous. Performance art is the promoter of interaction, and it sure paid the bill.



Discussion: Pascual Sisto explaining the process

533 South Los Angeles Street
Second Floor
Los Angeles, California 90013


213 627 1541

Thursday, April 15, 2010


I have to catch up with the blog, but the desire of social interaction seems more important these days. I will be heading out to MOCA tonight for a walk through with curatorial assistant Christine Robinson at the Geffen location. Robinson, will lead a walk through of film and video art in the collection. Hopefully, educating me on my growing admiration of the fresh medium that is video art.

With today's announcement of Jeffrey Deitch first exhibition plans fresh in mind. I will try to reminisce my prior experiences at MOCA as if I were still living that moment. Why should I do this? Actually, I’m not quite sure. Nostalgia is a subject I try not to touch, but I will tonight. Perhaps, it’s this growing desire for social interaction that’s affecting me? Perhaps!

MOCA was the first museum I ever visited. My dear friend Morgan Simon is responsible for this and responsible for watering my passion. I remember the experience, it's far too familiar and stagnant to forget. I gave my money to MOCA by becoming a member in high school, and oh, how I loved attending their members only opening parties. My favorite was the 2007 WACK! exhibition. I met my hero JD Samson, and for the very first time had the pleasure to view works by Cindy Sherman, my role model at the time. Hey, yeah did I mention I was seventeen !?

WACK! has been by far the best show I've seen at MOCA, then again I can't go way back... but I would love for you to share your best show thus far experience at MOCA with me!!



Saturday, April 10, 2010

JANCAR: Mery Lynn McCorkle and David Grant

If you are a closed friend of mine you know my love for the arts and no other place like Chinatown makes me feel right at home. Merging both my visual and nasal senses. This time I found myself at JANCAR just fresh out of a study session for my American Art History course. Most likely, others would have ditched more art pleasures for other activities that indulge the senses, but not me. I had not yet had my dose for the day. Though, yes!, we can debate that art is plentiful and everywhere… It’s simply unavoidable, but that’s for another post. So please, stay tune.

JANCAR bird's eyeview
JANCAR: First View

If you have not yet explored Chinatown’s art scene I suggest you get yourself down there as fast as I write: GO!

You just can’t deny great art in a setting that embraces it’s surroundings. Oh, and of course good eats are just steps away. Need I say more?!

McCorkle "SILENCE"
Mary Lynn McCorkle:First View

The title of the exhibition was in itself contradictory, but it played as a transition in your mind. The title could not be simply self explanatory in this case. Depth is what it looked for and what it served.

RAW Silence

SILENCE was the chosen title for this exhibition. However, as viewers we quickly transitioned silence into loud heard cries: Oppression, Innocence, Bodily, Vulnerability. The use of mixed media tore apart bodies, and broke the silence. Immediately, I ventured if the artist approach had anything to do with human vulnerability. The raw silence in her work sparked thoughts of innocent people being killed, mistreated, due to higher power.


Above is a detail from one of McCorkle’s mixed media works. If you look closely, on the far left background microcosm sized signals of life flow freely throughout the piece being covered by a body of transparent white colored painted shield. A shield that can no longer hold together. Wounds, or stitches mark the shield. A map of the body. Nonetheless, they’re pieces I wouldn’t mind having at home. I can picture myself endlessly staring at each for hours. For thought, for self meditation.

The Underground!

JANCAR also runs a PROJECTS section, showcasing three different artist. In this case out of the three, David Grant swooned me off ground.

Gallery View

The instant I walked in to this underground fortress, I was taken away with glee when discovering David Grant’s abstract sculptures. Grant’s sculptures expressed body, and mounts of it. His bodies expressed form, but feeling was more resonant.


Universal Communication

The bodies not only felt, but developed new body parts. Grant touches on the idea of body builders, on how they undergo the removal of fat from their bodies to tone muscle, but there’s gainers that do the opposite. Gainers gain fat for the indulgence of erotic, sexual pleasure. A common human trait, the undergoing of attraction… ending with our sole goal of universal communication: sexual desire.