Thursday, April 15, 2010


I have to catch up with the blog, but the desire of social interaction seems more important these days. I will be heading out to MOCA tonight for a walk through with curatorial assistant Christine Robinson at the Geffen location. Robinson, will lead a walk through of film and video art in the collection. Hopefully, educating me on my growing admiration of the fresh medium that is video art.

With today's announcement of Jeffrey Deitch first exhibition plans fresh in mind. I will try to reminisce my prior experiences at MOCA as if I were still living that moment. Why should I do this? Actually, I’m not quite sure. Nostalgia is a subject I try not to touch, but I will tonight. Perhaps, it’s this growing desire for social interaction that’s affecting me? Perhaps!

MOCA was the first museum I ever visited. My dear friend Morgan Simon is responsible for this and responsible for watering my passion. I remember the experience, it's far too familiar and stagnant to forget. I gave my money to MOCA by becoming a member in high school, and oh, how I loved attending their members only opening parties. My favorite was the 2007 WACK! exhibition. I met my hero JD Samson, and for the very first time had the pleasure to view works by Cindy Sherman, my role model at the time. Hey, yeah did I mention I was seventeen !?

WACK! has been by far the best show I've seen at MOCA, then again I can't go way back... but I would love for you to share your best show thus far experience at MOCA with me!!



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