Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stages Part II

Oh how humorous ...

When my art passion merges into my personal life. Turning points in life's philosophy. Recreating life's puzzle, each and every day.. It's not another: "Is it Art?" debate, but perhaps deeper than that.... It's the equivalent of being glued to the telephone. Waiting for that boy you like to finally call you, once and for all.

Mr. Bradford I hope to visit your studio in the near future...

"languages collapse" - Bradford


This past Saturday I was lucky enough to manage free entrance to Los Angeles Art Association's "GEM" Spring event/fundraiser. It sure was one of those moments in life where your philosophy of life is turned upside down, but more to come later on tonight.

Also, don't miss Kathryn Brennan's LAst Show at Cottage Home. Before their relocation to New York's Lower East Side.

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