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Five Thirty Three: Absolutely Not Recent Works By Pascual Sisto

Two weekends ago, on a Saturday night (April 10, 2010, to be exact) I found myself at FIVE THIRTY THREE. A gallery run by artists. I was warmly reminded of the true cause of art: art should be open for everyone, and anyone interested. I say this because I know of many friends that tend to stay away from galleries, museums, lectures. Solely because they believe they don't belong. I disagree. And through this blog, I try to find a way to vent those feelings for those that feel the same. Art is about provoking feeling, emotion, and we all have the power to feel. After all you only need your visual aid. The analyzing part of art comes freely and you don't have to feel intimidated. So, please use your optical gift. Something as beautiful as morning breeze.

Just fresh from spring break, and I was already living it up-- arty a la mode of course. Earlier on the day I had attended a panel with artist Mark Bradford at REDCAT. I’m still fascinated with Bradford’s art theory, and the influence art historians have had on his work. Bradford influencing and being influenced. Oh, and the artist himself invited me to his studio!!!!! Stay tune for a later Bradford studio visit (crosses fingers).


FIVE THIRTY THREE is located in a mixed-use loft in the Fashion District of Downtown Los Angeles. During the day the gallery witnesses the bustle of busy streets overflowing with people. At night, the neighborhood is transformed into the most desolate of urban spaces. It is the goal of Five Thirty Three to reflect this eclecticism through its art program. The space is directed collaboratively in order to continually rethink modes of exhibition, and outside artists are invited to collaborate with the gallery in producing new and vital shows. By showing primarily group exhibitions that incorporate an interdisciplinary approach, Five Thirty Three hopes to create an open dialogue and community catalyzed by art, music, and design.

As explained in the mission statement FIVE THIRTY THREE is located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. It’s a rather unique setting. Be sure to have their number or else you won’t be able to enter the building. Not to worry, a contact number is always taped to the front door.

Pascual Sisto exhibited works inspired by the French revolts of May 1968. The urban political landscape that has inspired Sisto alike other artists, and our social culture in general. With current UC strikes I saw a correlation in Sisto’s work. The wit of the exhibition title : Absolutely Not Recent Works By Pacual Sisto gives for intellectual smirks. Not given information of the artist direction in his new works, one can easily determine that they’re literally not recent works. Rhetorically they are literally not recent works. There’s the wit, the smirk!!

The nostalgia of borrowing ideas from the past can have that effect. However, it’s interesting and always important to find historical parallels. Almost all of the works are neon text pieces with the exception of video, photography, and a performance during the opening reception. In this particular show the neon texts are more significant. They play with nostalgia, along with it’s consequences. Apart from the French graffiti of 1968, Sisto creates his own neon texts. Balancing out the ephemeral qualities of nostalgia.

Translation: Never Work

Opening reception was followed by a one day performance. The lovely Mooky was my guest that night, we were both highly anticipating the performance. Worried of being late due to nourishing the body at Banquette, a cafe downtown reminiscent of a French cafe. To our surprise we had not missed the peak hour in time.

The Lovely Mooky!: Multiple uses in creativity

Adding to the list of my fancy for long titles in the art world, I was in for a treat this night.

A title like: "Difference and Repetition Meets The Society Of The Spectacle Meets Simulacra And Simulation Meets The Coming Insurrection" is sure to win me over any day.

Spectators gathered around for a confetti performance, it took four books to complete this confetti. And I'm sure Allan Kaprow if present, would have been jealous. Performance art is the promoter of interaction, and it sure paid the bill.



Discussion: Pascual Sisto explaining the process

533 South Los Angeles Street
Second Floor
Los Angeles, California 90013


213 627 1541

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