Saturday, April 10, 2010

JANCAR: Mery Lynn McCorkle and David Grant

If you are a closed friend of mine you know my love for the arts and no other place like Chinatown makes me feel right at home. Merging both my visual and nasal senses. This time I found myself at JANCAR just fresh out of a study session for my American Art History course. Most likely, others would have ditched more art pleasures for other activities that indulge the senses, but not me. I had not yet had my dose for the day. Though, yes!, we can debate that art is plentiful and everywhere… It’s simply unavoidable, but that’s for another post. So please, stay tune.

JANCAR bird's eyeview
JANCAR: First View

If you have not yet explored Chinatown’s art scene I suggest you get yourself down there as fast as I write: GO!

You just can’t deny great art in a setting that embraces it’s surroundings. Oh, and of course good eats are just steps away. Need I say more?!

McCorkle "SILENCE"
Mary Lynn McCorkle:First View

The title of the exhibition was in itself contradictory, but it played as a transition in your mind. The title could not be simply self explanatory in this case. Depth is what it looked for and what it served.

RAW Silence

SILENCE was the chosen title for this exhibition. However, as viewers we quickly transitioned silence into loud heard cries: Oppression, Innocence, Bodily, Vulnerability. The use of mixed media tore apart bodies, and broke the silence. Immediately, I ventured if the artist approach had anything to do with human vulnerability. The raw silence in her work sparked thoughts of innocent people being killed, mistreated, due to higher power.


Above is a detail from one of McCorkle’s mixed media works. If you look closely, on the far left background microcosm sized signals of life flow freely throughout the piece being covered by a body of transparent white colored painted shield. A shield that can no longer hold together. Wounds, or stitches mark the shield. A map of the body. Nonetheless, they’re pieces I wouldn’t mind having at home. I can picture myself endlessly staring at each for hours. For thought, for self meditation.

The Underground!

JANCAR also runs a PROJECTS section, showcasing three different artist. In this case out of the three, David Grant swooned me off ground.

Gallery View

The instant I walked in to this underground fortress, I was taken away with glee when discovering David Grant’s abstract sculptures. Grant’s sculptures expressed body, and mounts of it. His bodies expressed form, but feeling was more resonant.


Universal Communication

The bodies not only felt, but developed new body parts. Grant touches on the idea of body builders, on how they undergo the removal of fat from their bodies to tone muscle, but there’s gainers that do the opposite. Gainers gain fat for the indulgence of erotic, sexual pleasure. A common human trait, the undergoing of attraction… ending with our sole goal of universal communication: sexual desire.


  1. Hey darlin, glad you like Jancar, it is one of the very few galleries worth a damn in LA. This show looks OK, the fat bodies? Well, they dont have sex. Can get through the folds. And to exhausted from carying around all that weight. Too skinny is voyeuristic and sexless also. Life is not about sexual pleasure, it simply impels us to what is lifes only goal. Reproduction. Survival of the species our prime imperitive.

    Check out my site, if you want to save the Watts towers, and get back to arts true vocation, its sole purpose. To visualize the bonding of mind, body and soul, and so, impel our species forward.

    have a nice day!
    Save the Watts Towers, tear down the Ivories.

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  3. Thanks for the perceptive write-up. The title "Silence" is based on the Edmund Burke quote - for evil to succeed, all that is required is the silence of good men.

  4. Frazell: I thank life, and I thank sexual pleasures. It does not judge big or thin. We're all different and that's the beauty, no?!

    Mery Lynn: Excuse my writing. I tried, but words don't compare to your work. I'm a fan. Thank you for the quote. I will now process that. Also, while perceptively venturing your work, Picasso's Guernica was very resonant. Like, stills from a movie. coming to my mind.. back in forth. forth and back. Hope that one day we cross paths. I'll be on thee look out for more of your work.

  5. Too thin and too big dont have the energy for sex. Bone on bone and role of flab on flab dont work. The huge figures of tribal art are fertility figures, their breasts and bellies huge with child, and calling for the fertility of land and womb. Life and art are about balance, being out of it is literally, out of it.

    I apologize for whatever it was i wrote, not sure what it was now. Have called off the comment section on my blog, as going to use it for now as the center of Nuestro Pueblo til we can get a website up. I will be posting only Tower info from now on. i think I have pretty much asaid it all, art is visual, and its own langauge, Fashio is commerce, and only when about defining who WE are through religious or other ritual is it art.

    The fashion rags lie, they only exist to sell their products, over half are always ads, and repetitive articles tied to them. They distort who we are, for their own beneift. Created by orthose who dont truly desire women at al. Why listen to some gay boy, he doesnt want you, ro care about you. Their models LOOK like boys, Thats healthy? LOL!

    art collegia e fashionista delenda est

  6. Boys and girls are good looking!!

    I'm tall, tall, and lanky!!!

    I guess you will think I look like a boy, but I'm charming. Boys and girls are good looking!!

    Hope your days become brighter, please!!