Thursday, September 30, 2010

September's at an End...

background work:Charles Long: observing art(ists)

September is officially over!. Don't worry, I have seen great shows including Carlee Fernandez at ACME, Micol Hebron at Jancar, Eamon Ore Giron at Steve Turner Contemporary, and Paul McCarthy at L&M Arts. In top of that I have also attended lectures that have left me in a non stop erratic train of thought. From the state of the Iranian Art market to museum deals with turned corporate gallerists-- I meant to say, those who got lucky!?

How can I forget Night Gallery?!...

I attended my first opening at Night Gallery this past Tuesday and in all sincerity, I was extremely impressed with the programming, the vibe, the artists, and the amazing Davida Nemeroo, responsible for opening Night Gallery.

Well, I'll glue myself later, after Big City Forum, Raid Projects, and a Writing Symposium at MoCA-- all in one day!.

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