Thursday, September 16, 2010

You Tube Selections: Paul McCarthy

What exactly is performance art?!

The question always lingers in my head as I'm often asked to give my opinion on the subject. In my own words performance art is an artist's way of exploring bodily, geographic, and historical contexts. Once looked at more deeply they create meaning, that only through performance art is it visible.

Here is a great video of Paul McCarthy regarding his work, with some background meaning. However, I venture that alike the randomness that keeps our existence alive, Performance Art's main purpose is just that-- lurking different points of view to an argument.

"Ketchup having this association with commodity and America"

After a decade of absence in the Los Angeles art scene Paul McCarthy will open the first season at the highly anticipated L & M Arts Venice this Fall . More details to come, because I wouldn't want you to miss this show!!.

I should start a short UBUWEB Selections. I give my heart to U B U W E B !!!

For now, sleep is my sailor, for tomorrow I have school.

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