Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Instant L.A Summer Closing Reception

instant la summer

September is infamous for the awakening of the art world; the new art season has begun, but we are also waving goodbye to Summer. Oh summer, when group shows reign and final plans for fall are underway!.

...but before summer is over, INSTANT LA SUMMER waves it's last goodbye with special musical guests. The night promises to be full of surprises and knowing the curator, Esteban Schimpf, surprises should be the highlight.

is the secret musical project of 3 leading Los Angeles musicians who have cultivated a vast international following over the last 15 years through their beautiful avant-garde music. They will literarily blow your mind.

is a recent Chicago expatriate who now calls the Hollywood hills home. GAR made his name known in the independent music world through his important record label Obey Your Brain and his collaborations with bands such as Icy Demons and Need New Body.

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