Thursday, October 21, 2010

Happenings: From Motel Rooms to Symposiums

It's evident that the happenings in my city keep me going through the week. Full of exciment I jot down events I oddly happen to know about or emails I receive. Did I ever tell you that Mondays have become my favorite day of the week?!... With full anticipation for that new press release, announcement, curiosity.. all labyrinths connecting and filling me with unsparable joy. Pardon the long explanation, I'm just really excited for Iannis Xenakis later on in November, an Art History symposium at The Hammer this Friday, SASSAS at Human Resources this weekend, and a mysterious performance at The Royal Pagoda Motel tonight in Chinatown!.

Last night you missed a great performance at Human Resources-- though as the story goes, it's either that Angelenos or those claiming this city, find the place as a recluse hideaway, or they simply just don't know... I'll go with the later, as I find it humorous that even those living in close proximity of great venues have no close relationship with that deadbeat strip mall or forgotten plaza, if only they knew that there's activity in these venues, an energy that hopefully seeks their contribution.

Human Resources:

Thursday October 21, 2010
8pm- until you're tired and ready to head home.

Ocean of Noise
Aaron Drake, David P. Earle, Elana Mann with Juliana Snapper

Human Resources hosts a night of performance art, music, and films.

"Ranging from answering machine messages to muffled lectures to reconstructed opera, each work in the event speaks to something that can get lost, orally and aurally, during human communication."

Friday October 22, 2010
8:30pm -

I have been attending events at Human Resources since it's first oepning back in May and ever since I have grown a following towards the space, but once again it proves to be a hybrid venue for musicians, artists, scholars, and the like. This Friday don't miss the first event of an ongoing series, AD HOC, in collaboration with SASSAS. For it's inaugurual series, Human Resources will host to two experimental musicians from both Norway and Australia.

Tickets: $8.00
Visit or phone 323/960-5723.

Human Resources
510 Bernard St. in Chinatown, 90012

Charlie James Gallery, Dan Graham, and The Royal Pagoda Motel: The Trifcta of of Michelle duBois

Thursday October 21, 2010

The Unveiling of Michelle duBois, is an interactive, mysterious exhibition curated by Emma Gray, in the unveiling of mystery woman Michelle duBois; a flight attendant, actress, stunt woman?!

"Charlie James Gallery, Dan Graham, and Emma Gray are pleased to present ZOE CROSHER’s For Ur Eyes Only: The Unveiling of Michelle duBois. The show will be housed in Charlie James Gallery in Chinatown, and will be supported by two other events in the neighborhood: an installation of work at Dan Graham at 506 Bernard, and a performance featuring actress Liane Balaban, working from a script by writer/curator Lara Taubman at the Royal Pagoda Motel at 995 Broadway, room #7 from 8:30 to 9:30pm. In this new iteration, comprised of images and ephemera bequeathed to the artist by confidante Michelle duBois, Crosher explores ongoing themes such as identity, travel, transience and obsolescence. She has extensively re-photographed, scanned and re-ordered duBois’ slippery self-portraits into a re-contextualized archive, thriving in the soft spaces between fantasy and fiction, documentation and theatricality, and individuation and anonymity"

Artist Reception 6-10 at Charlie James Gallery, 975 Chung King Road

Dan Graham, 506 Bernard St 7-10p

Performance Featuring actress Liane Balaban, reading a fictional piece based on the archive written by Lara Taubman from 8:30-9:30 at the Royal Pagoda Motel, 995 N Broadway, Room #7

Back To The Future and Doug Harvey at Tom Jancar

Back To The Future at The Hammer Museum

October 22, 2010


I'm most anticipating Friday's Graduate Student Symposium at The Hammer Museum, Back To The Future, which will feauture several speakers regarding the imapact as well as the future/past of art, art theory, in the context of time--

"Back to the Future, the UCLA Art History Graduate Student Association’s (AHGSA) 2010 symposium, examines temporality, chronology, and constructed histories/futures in art, asking how art, art history, and exhibitions constitute forms of time travel. Keynote speaker Professor Pamela M. Lee of Stanford University will offer her insights on how art contends with time. The symposium will include presentations by nine graduate students from UCLA and other distinguished universities."


October 22, 2010

Jancar has slowly grown quite a reputation in Chinatown's art scene for showing mostly 70's conceptual art. That which largely ranged in photography. Not to mention Jancar's recent appearance in New York City's art scene... Long story short, I admire Tom Jancar for his passion, he truly was born to run a gallery.

JANCAR GALLERY is pleased to announce 3 concurrent solo exhibitions

DOUG HARVEY - "Unsustainable"
NANCY BAKER - "Please Stand By"
CYRIL KUHN - "Butter Boot"

TEL 213 625-2522
Hours: Wed – Sat: 12 – 5 PM (and by appointment)

More to come tomorrow morning.. I have to run to my next class!.

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