Sunday, October 24, 2010

Conversations With The Wind

like many other fish

Who was at Workspace last night for Samara Golden?!

Give me the recap, please. I was sick at home... never ever eat packaged food, ever. Even if that packaged food is tofu spring rolls!!!!!.

Once again.. a new, fresh, and exciting week. Other cities have greater activity than ours on a weekly basis, but hey, I'm slowly learning to ignore that which is out of reach. Perhaps, endless reading and tiring of the eyes ends in the road of wasteful time... perhaps.

While Orange County is graced with The California Biennial, we are honored, out of control excited that The Guerilla Girls will be in Los Angeles this week at LMU. They arise nostalgia embedded deep down the hippocampus. That kind of nostalgia that reminds us of how we took pride in teen angst, but all along we were as pure as pure can be.. we dyed our hair, refused to be part of any higher form of hierarchy that would enlist us as "uncool". We puzzled the minds of annoying teenage boy antics, and no matter on how many requests we got we never said yes!..

... when in Conversations With The Wind.

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