Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Human Resources: The Mystics Circle

I can't begin to tell you the excitement that takes over me when I find out of a worthy event. An event worthy of my excitement, of course.

That was the case with Human Resources. A romanticized feeling arises once in a while, and out of those moments of spark, I can't help but think of the marks, and traces we are creating for future generations to look upon... To romanticize about.. All of this sweetness is mixed with history in the making.

Should I recall my friends words: " so today is a big day for you " when I explained to her the performances that were on the bill the night of Human Resources grand opening.

Dawn Kasper is already an L.A. hero, but My Barbarian Collective is the epitome of Los Angeles. I for one can tell you that they truly love what they do; passion at it's best labor. I'm living truth of their passion since, I was happy enough to participate in a workshop Jade Gordon hosted along Alexandro Segade one Sunday afternoon at Human Resources, and what a time I had.

Human Resources has quickly gathered a following, but that was apparent since their opening back in May during their May Day celebration. If you're in Los Angeles you know that an event at Human Resources is not to be missed. Perhaps, the only gallery in the area that stays up late, and closes till the public quits and heads home.

Dawn Kasper works closely with the space along with other artists, volunteers. The lovely Carol Cheh of Another Righteous Transfer blog, one of Los Angeles very own performance art blogs interviewed the backbone of Human Resources.

human resources opening
Human Resources: May Day Performances and Grand Opening... What a turnout!

Human Resources success has finally become official with their current exhibition of video art, titled The Mystics Circle. At first thought, The Mystics Circle was the circular display of the artists work, and the mystic was a contribution of each artists own darkness, whims, and tendencies. However, a more straight forward explanation can be found on their site.

The Mystics Circle
Coinciding with the summer solstice the show’s titled alludes to the summer slaying of a UCLA student in 1991. The killing happened in the mouth of The Manson tunnel, a railroad outpost frequented by cults in Chatsworth, on the brightest night of the year. The work presented in the show investigates the dual themes of comedy and tragedy through the identity of Los Angeles as a saturated paradise that pumps crude oil into broad daylight.

The Mystics Circle
The Mystics Circle: Gallery View

The participating artists have contributed to Los Angeles video art history, with names in the likes of Skip Arnold, Margie Schnibbe, Hilja Keading, and Mike Kelly and a more contemporary Brian Bress, Candice Lin, William E. Jones, and my first ever introduction to Davida Nemeroff. Each individual artist contributing a side of the grotesque, the ephemeral, performance, and uncanny tendencies.

The contribution these artists have given Los Angeles in the shaping of video art history is marked as the second chapter, or what is likely known as the 1980's period. That period which marks the next generation of Los Angeles contemporary art history.

I quote Skip Arnold: " It was the eighties in L.A., the artists were scattered and the punk scene was moving"... Yes, I literally wanted to fall off my chair when he spoke those words, over at the panel I attended at Human Resources in conjunction with the exhibition. Skip Arnold remembers the 80's punk scene in Los Angeles as much as he remembers the sprawling of artist melting in the sun, and hiding behind the many palm trees. Can you tell a higher appreciation for Skip Arnold has just grown ?! but it only makes perfect sense...

A second panel will take place on July 25 at Human Resources, starting at 6 pm. Don't miss out on a great exhibition of Los Angeles video art. I feel like the exhibition should have been titled: The Second Chapter.

Don't Miss!!!

The Mystics Circle
June 19 - July 29

510 Bernard St, Chinatown, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Thursday through Saturday: 12- 6 pm

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