Friday, July 9, 2010


Twenty nine recent MFA Cal Arts graduates had the opportunity to show their works in different participating galleries in Chinatown’s Arts District. The sprawl of art brought Calartians and spectators together on July 2, 2010 for the opening of BOX SCHEME. Under the curatorial work of Ana Vejzovic Sharp, the former director of China Art Objects.

Out of twenty nine artists only one painting was displayed. Nicolas Greiner visions a communal unison of all social levels. The work is strong in content. A form of satire towards social political theories of American living.

Nicolas Greiner
Nicolas Greiner: Integrated Community, oil on canvas, 86 x 122 inches

Installation/sculpture was a repetitive trend, but not necessarily a bad one.

Ari Kletzky - A Constant Questioning
Ari Kletzky - A Constant Questioning : Don't rest, it's art!

Ari Kletzy's A Constant Questioning was one of my favorites, due it's background content.

And then there's Margeret Haines. An artist, I'll definitely keep an eye on.

Margaret Haines
Margaret Haines different C Prints : A Friend Once Told Me The Best Way To Say Fuck You In Los Angeles Is Trust Me

Video couldn't be absent, taking into consideration Los Angeles long history with video art. From Skip Arnold to Michelle O' Marah...

At Actual Size Gallery, the dark genius of Zach Kleyn kept on giving.

Zack Kleyn-The Rapture Remembered,The Gingerbread Lesson: Keeps on giving

The dark conversation of the video and action of baking ginger bread cookies deliver the attraction. While Kleyn dubbed the female voices with his voice and his twin brother as I'm told by Esteban Schimpf of Actual Size. Traces of the obscure and the playful sum up the video, with steps to an unknown future.

The future may be unknown, but the mystery intrigues... Though, on July 15 REDCAT hosts a video showcase of the recent MFA Cal Arts graduates. Now, that's a future I'm intrigued with...



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