Saturday, January 21, 2012

CHANGES: new site - same habits

Richard Serra: process

My absent nature for the past year was due to completely loosing full access to a functioning computer. A whole year of slowly loosing the friction you experience while typing on a keyboard. Though, it was nice to pick up a pen more often and become infatuated with the quality of the notebooks I will write in.. No, I never stopped looking at art nor did I stop the critical process which comes naturally when swimming in such waters. However, in the last year, I've grown to fully appreciate Los Angeles architecture and history (with a broader spectrum, instead of becoming trapped in one origin). As, it's easy to forget when you're a native to this city, you forget the escaping adventures of not the tourist, but a beginner in our town. The exploration of many histories, architectures, cultures; all seemingly claiming myths!-- but rather, all read differently, according to it's landscape and well, if you live in Los Angeles, you know the landscape was not made for the tourist, but the beginner who is willing to delve.


ABOUT THE THE CHANGE OF TITLE: Inspired by Richard Serra's "black drawings" series. Specifically, from "L.A Hinge", a work which used to be housed in the first floor of LACMA's BCAM building; tucked in the center of the back gallery. Literally serving as a hinge to both of his architectural/sculptural work ( Band,2006). The change of title comes with my recent inclination to Los Angeles architecture but overall, Los Angeles sprawling history as a calling to the land of many labyrinths.

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