Thursday, August 26, 2010

Art Autre at Actual Size Gallery: Katie Herzog

Abstract painting and art history go way back....

The fruition of a concept has many branches and we see visible signs of those branches in abstract art-- Abstract Expressionism was one of the more popular forms of the movement, and not to mention one of the first actual embraced schools in American art.

However... a rendition of that was the french art Autre, or Informel. Autre literally meaning other, as many tried to differentiate a new style of painting that was unknown at the time, but would become incredibly popular to the post war era.

Katie Herzog's current show at Actual Size Gallery takes shape around the ideas of the french abstract school -- Informel. Herzog presents five works mainly in the painterly style. I can't begin to describe how happy it makes me to come across painted canvas.

Herzog tints my memory with pattern shifts of Rauschenberg , Pollock, and even a tint of Louise Bourgeois' drawings.

Informel View!

We can't ignore Herzog's linkage to the process of processing information--

"Herzog employed a premeditated structure to create the highly improvisatory and gestural painting, "Braille Institute: Sight Center". For this painting Herzog visited the Braille Institute on Vermont and Melrose for an hour every day for five weeks. After studying the facade of the building from across the street she traveled directly to her studio, closed her eyes, and painted her memory of the building using her hands."
- Actual Size Gallery

This Saturday Join Katie Herzog and the Actual Size family for the uniquely opportunity to submerge, dwell, and explore the subject of animal assisted literary programs at
Une Alphabétisation Autre. Which pokes at the origins of the coined art term-- Informel, with it's origin of art Autre. In this case the informel (informal) use of language and it's different mediums.

"Katie Herzog and Actual Size Los Angeles are pleased to announce Une Alphabétisation Autre, a special day event organized in conjunction with the closing of Katie Herzog’s exhibition, Informel. Animal assisted literacy programs have become increasingly popular in libraries and learning centers throughout the country. These innovative programs provide canine mentorship to foster improvement in confidence and literary skills of school aged children. On Saturday, August 28th, children and adults are invited inside the gallery to read to Eli and Ivy, two trained therapy dogs. Light snacks will be provided.
" - Actual Size Gallery

read to dogs

New work by Katie Herzog
August 7 - August 28, 2010


Hours: Sat- Sun 12:00- 5:00 pm
Mon-Fri by appointment.

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